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  1. ## $DateTime = $Date.ToString(yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss) ## Add-Content D:\PowershellScripte\MyLogFiles.txt -Value $DateTime - Information: 0x80000000: Successfully wrote event for AU health state:0 ## $Date = Get-Date
  2. I'm running PowerShell 7.0.0 on Windows 10, and would like to customize my command prompt so it looks like the following: Username@Hostname YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS:PresentWorkingDirectory> with the following colors: username: green. hostname: blue . YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS: purple:: white. PresentWorkingDirectory: blue >: white. Question
  3. I made a simple monitoring script of our servers and computers. Basically I just need to know whether it is online or offline but i need the logs to be save directly whatever the output is. While ($true) { $ServerName = Get-Content E:\ServerList.txt foreach ($Server in $ServerName) { if (test-Connection -ComputerName $Server -Count 3 -quiet ).
  4. $path_to_file = C:\Audit-Scripts\user-report_$((Get-Date).ToString('yyyy-MM-dd_hh-mm-ss')).csv What we are doing here is telling PowerShell to get the current date with the Get-Date CMDlet, then we're using the CMDlet's ability to arrange how we want the parts of the date and time arranged
  5. Ausgabe $BackupStarttime = Get-Date -f _yyyy-MM-dd_HHmm $BackupStarttimeString = $BackupStarttime.ToString()+\ $BackupDestination = $BackupPath$VMName$BackupStarttimeString Write-Host $(Get-Date -f yyyy-MM-dd_HH:mm:ss): Backup Destination: $BackupDestination #Alle Verzeichnisse im $BackupPath löschen welche mit dem $VMName beginnen Write-Host $(Get-Date -f yyyy-MM-dd_HH:mm:ss): Alle Backupverzeichnisse der VM $VMName in $BackupPath löschen rd -recurse -force $BackupPath.
  6. ToString ('yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss')}} | Write -SqlTableData -ServerInstance sql011 -DatabaseName MrOps -SchemaName dbo -TableName DisabledAdUsers -Force Using Write-SqlTableData with the Force parameter creates the database and table on the SQL Server if they don't already exist
  7. Write-Host (Get-Date).ToString( yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss.fff '[$DestinationServer] Installing CU... ' ) Update-DbaInstance @UpdateParams} # endregion InstallCU # region InstallSSMS: if ($InstallSSMS-and! $WhatIf) {# Copy SSMS exe: Copy-Item-Path $SetupFilesPath \Tools\SSMS-Setup-ENU.exe -Destination $RemoteSetupFilesPathUnc-Forc

I have a log file, I need compare previous date end time & current date end time (based on the system). If the current end time does not find in the log, trigger an email. If current end time finds in the log, attach the log. Log details: Data Start Time - 2018-02-18 22.30.00 Data End Time - 2018-02-19 00.55.50 Time taken for whole process. Introducing PowerShell to run these commands can provide flexibility in how these tasks are configured. For this example, we will use a file shares to SharePoint migration as we did in Part 1. Recommendation: Use PowerShell version 5 or higher. If you are running Essentials from Microsoft Windows Server 2016 or higher then this is automatically installed. You can also use the provided Windows PowerShell ISE application that comes with Windows Server 2016 to create your scripts.

And if you want to get datetime from ticks you can do this in PowerShell: Write-Host 'VB:' (Get-Date 635646406547425000 -f 'yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss.fff') Write-Host 'PS:' (Get-Date 635646406545344777 -f 'yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss.fff' # $result | Export-Csv -Path $((Get-Date).ToString('yyyy-MM-dd_HH-mm-ss'))_LastLoginDate.csv -NoTypeInformation -Encoding UTF8 -UseCulture Copy lines Copy permalin # in the ParseExact pattern. $OldTime = [datetime]:: ParseExact($ExifDtString, yyyy:MM:dd HH:mm:ss`0, $Null) $FileStream. Close(); $Img. Dispose() Write-Verbose Extracted EXIF infomation from $ImageFile Write-Verbose Original Time is $($OldTime.ToString('F')) # Decorate the path object with the EXIF dates and pass it o

How do I customize my PowerShell prompt (colour and text

  1. This PowerShell script creates a directory to store screenshots, gets the current screen resolution, captures an image of the current workspace and saves it as a PNG file. Run the PowerShell script and check that a png file appears in the specified directory (you can specify the UNC path to the shared network folder) with a screenshot of your desktop. For convenience, the name of the PNG file contains a computer name, a user name, a current date and time
  2. Hi guys, Does anyone know how to export calendar items, from a specific user to a CSV-file with a Power Shell script? Example: How do I export all calendar items from the mailbox jordi@domain.com to a CSV-file with a Power Shell script? Thanks for you support! Kind regards, Jordi Mart · There is no standard for exporting a calendar Item to a.
  3. I have a PowerShell script That exports the result of a query that i gave him in a variable to a csv file. For maintenance reasons i'd like to take the sql query from the PowerShell script and put it in a sql file and then call that sql file from the script. How can i do so ? Thank you . Wednesday, April 19, 2017 8:41 AM. All replies text/html 4/19/2017 8:51:42 AM jrv 0. 0. Sign in to vote.
  4. d it will work only with PowerShell 4.0. 3. Place the .dll into the folder where your script will be hosted. 4. Save the following PowerShell code as LogOutputInConsoleAndFile.ps1 and execute the script

How to save realtime output to txt file in Powershell

<conversionPattern value=%date{yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss.fffzzz}|%message%newline /> </layout> </appender> <appender name=ConsoleAppender type=log4net.Appender.ConsoleAppender > <layout type=log4net.Layout.PatternLayout> <conversionPattern value=%date{yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss.fffzzz}|%message%newline /> </layout> </appender> How to view active and inactive users in Active Directory using PowerShell scripts? Read on to know how to view the list of active and inactive users report in Active Directory (AD) using PowerShell and how you can get it done easier with ADManager Plus, a comprehensive Active Directory management solution Executing a Command stored in a Variable from Powershell Powershell, Skriptování | The script executes a commands stored in a variable (array). The output is conveniently collected and stored in a log file PrtgAPI Powershell set-objectproperty. Votes: 0. Your Vote: Up. Down. Hi PRTG, I search for a command, who set in a bulk a scheduled maintenance window to a set of sensors. I tried: Get-probe -name *probename* | Get-Device -Name *devicename* | Get-Sensor -Tags xmlexesensor | set-ObjectProperty. But i see not the parameter scheduled With Get-Device -Name *device* | Get-Sensor -Tags. bppllist powershell parse Solved Go to solution. nbritton ‎04-28-2016 04:48 PM. Mark as New; Bookmark; Subscribe; Subscribe to RSS Feed; Permalink; Print; Email to a Friend ; Report Inappropriate Content; I am starting to create a script to create an array or multiple arrays that i can create reports from. I am not sure of the best way to approach this. In the example below there are many.

Find Last Logon Time/Date of Users/Computers | Powershell & AD

Enable Hot Add vCPU and Memory on VMs using PowerShell (V2) This is a script which will allow you to enable the Hot Add vCPU and Memory feature on all or a sub set of your VMs. IMPORTANT NOTE - the script will recursively power off each VM defined in CSV (unless Hot Add is already enabled), apply the config then power each VM back on 综合使用(日期、时间综合计算):. $today =Get- Date echo $today .ToString ('yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss') #2020-08-27 13:50:05 echo $today .AddDays (-1).AddHours (-2).AddMinutes (-3).AddSeconds (-4).ToString ('yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss') #2020-08-26 11:47:01. 尊重别人的劳动成果 转载请务必注明出处: https://www.cnblogs.com/5201351/p/13570910.html. 作者: 一名卑微的IT民工

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  1. Navigate to the [PowerShell Scripts] tabpage Click the [Add] button and select your monitorlogon.ps1 script. Optionally you can select the execution order , default is set to Not configured
  2. utes of SQL processing without logfile update, so I can skip the year, month and date. What is the best method for reading this long (30-50 MB) logfile from the end (like tail) grab the last timestamp HH:mm:ss and compare with get-date -10
  3. Set Date/Timestamp in Batch File Via Powershell. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets. Skip to content. All gists Back to GitHub Sign in Sign up Sign in Sign up {{ message }} Instantly share code, notes, and snippets. jcefoli / datetimestamp.bat. Created Feb 18, 2015. Star 0 Fork 0; Star Code Revisions 1. Embed. What would you like to do? Embed Embed this gist in your website.
  4. Years a go when working on a .net project I came across log4net and thought I will give it a shot. Using log4net in my project I immediately saw the advantage of using this logger and adopted it ever since replacing my home made hand crafted logger. Checkout the features page of log4net. As time Using log4net with Powershell Read More

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  1. Find answers to Convert a date into yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss from the expert community at Experts Exchange Submit yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss.mmm I'm trying to export table data so that the timestamp is formatted like: yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss I tried: SELECT CONVERT(datetime,timestamp,120) from mytable But, Im still getting the .mmm. (I also tried 121,21, & 20) Comment. Premium Content You need a.
  2. Name Value --- ---- Name File1.dll datemodifed yy/mm/dd hh:mm:ss version Length 56789 Name File2.dll datemodifed yy/mm/dd hh:mm:ss version Length 12345 etc.... What I'm hoping to get is the following: Name datemodifed version Length --- ---- --- --- File1.dll yy/mm/dd hh:mm:ss 56789 File2.dll yy/mm/dd hh:mm:ss 12345 etc.... It may not seam like much it it makes.
  3. $ Stamp = (Get-Date).toString(yyyy/MM/dd HH:mm:ss) $ DLog = $ Stamp $ Level $ Logentry Add-Content -Path $ LogFile -Value $ DLog -Force} Note that the Message is mandatoy parameter that has to be passed to the function while calling it and 'Level' is optional and defaults to 'INFO' if not specified. How to call the function in your script samples based on the scenario. #Example.

PowerShell One-Liner to Disable Active Directory Accounts

IF this .ps1 file is in the current directory, and executed by PowerShell, an example of the result will be a new folder: 2018-10-17 07-28-52 Here is the challenge, however.... Create in the current folder (subdirectory) the above new folder, current date and time. From the context menu. And don't require that the executable script reside in the current folder -- executable script (or program. Pode Files. Pode has an inbuilt dynamic file type of .pode, which allow you to write normal file but use PowerShell within them.. For view files the naming convention is just index.pode or about.pode.However for non-view files in the /public directory the convention is style.css.pode - which includes the files base file type.. Views. Using Pode to render dynamic view files is mostly just using. Lately, Monitis has been blogging a series of 'how-to' posts on everything from working with VBScripts to 101 tips to MySQL tuning and optimization. Continuing that tradition, here's a short post on monitoring the content of log files with PowerShell on Monitis. Using custom scripts, you can monitor not only numeric metrics but other kind of outcomes as well. For example you can parse a.

Next: Powershell script to monitor window services when service stop and send email. Get answers from your peers along with millions of IT pros who visit Spiceworks. Join Now. Hi, I have created a PowerShell script that will be run on scheduled time and deploy aAD reports to remote SFTP server. Everything works fine except the output of .TXT file is not in compliance with what they want. here. Simple powershell script to create BACPAC of your SQL Server (or Azure SQL) database. Ready to run from SQL Server Agent job. Operating system step type is recommended for SQL 2012 beca.. I'm running PowerShell 7.0.0 on Windows 10, and would like to customize my command prompt so it has the following form: Username@Hostname YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS:PresentWorkingDirectory> with the following colors (Part 2 of 3) (Part 1) (Part 3) {Updated: 08/2013} The last blog post described how to update a whole bunch of photos using two script cmdlets called Get-ExifDateTaken and Update-ExifDateTaken. This post describes the first of these script cmdlets in more detail. There are several Windows APIs (Wia, GDI etc) that can read Exif value

Has anyone successfully used log4net to log to an SQL database? I am able to use log4net successfully when logging to console, files, eventlog, etc, however when attempting to log to the ADONetAppender, it cannot load my configuration file. Here are the Powershell commands used to get setup.. Next: Powershell Convert to Enhanced HTML. Get answers from your peers along with millions of IT pros who visit Spiceworks. Join Now. Hi . We have a script which runs every night to reboot every machine within a OU in AD. One of our directors wants to be excluded from this. Is there a way to have this script exclude a certain machine as the script runs. Script below (i have *** parts i dont. Pastebin.com is the number one paste tool since 2002. Pastebin is a website where you can store text online for a set period of time Powershell: Write-Logfile Published by SysDusty on September 26, 2019 September 26, 2019 Simple script to create log-files, or log in the console if parameter -logfile is not provided


  1. PowerShell Script not functioning correctly when scheduled Task 2020-07-02 22:27 Hello, I am having a problem with a PowerShell script that works perfectly when executing it manually from PowerShell, however once I put it into a scheduled task, it appears as if the sessionOptions object is not being created
  2. Over the years PowerShell has become the main scripting language for Windows-based systems. With PowerShell Core it's even possible to automate tasks and manage other platforms like Linux and macOS. The example below will help you get started using our API in your own scripts
  3. Get-VeeamBackupReport.ps1. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 4
  4. This Get-Weather cmdlet, called Get-OWMWeather, uses the OpenWeatherMap API v2.5 from PowerShell - using an API key, or not - the former recently introduced as a highly recommended practice as per 2013-04-12. As per 2014-06-22, this works, but they broke v2.1 of the API, which is why I had to review and update the module
  5. Powershell script to Stamp pictures with Date/Time. 04 Dec 2019 on powershell. Quick tip: I hate having my pictures automatically named like IMG_0384.CR2, because during backups (moving around hard drives, cloud, etc) it happens that I lose the original date of the files.And although I group pictures in folders, it's still sometimes easy to lost the original date
  6. Programm/Script: PowerShell.exe Arguments: -ExecutionPolicy Bypass -Command & 'FilePathToScript.ps1' Edit: Also I'm not quite sure if you have to have the AD-PS-Module installed on the Workstation where you want to run the script, because it could be that the command Set-ADUser cannot be found

This Powershell script (NAVTaskScheduler.ps1) can be easily scheduled via Windows Task Scheduler as a normal windows task. The only thing to remember is that on the New Action window you've to set the parameters as follows: Action: Select Start a program. Program/script: Type in powershell Hello, I get following exception while running a PowerShell script to update a field on documents in a library. Detected use of SPRequest for previously closed SPWeb object. Please close SPWeb objects when you are done with all objects obtained from them, but not before. Stack trace: at setter · It seems your script is correct, try to run the same. As stated in the other thread you posted to - the problem is that SQL Server Agent uses tokens, and tokens are defined by $(token). Since your code has this: $(get-date -f yyyy-MM-dd-hh-mm-ss. I have a powershell script that checks in the Application and System Windows Event logs for Errors. Is there away to also let it check for Critical messages? in the Windows Event Logs. Below is a s..

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((Get-Date).ToString('yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss z')) Simplemente le da un formato a Get-Date y la z al final es la zona horaria. Puedes encontrar más información en esta documentación You can call certutil from PowerShell to produce the required file. Introduction. There is a moment in life where you get stuck in a quick start guide - we've all been there. At the start of my Google Cloud text-to-speech project it arrived quickly and unexpectedly at step two of this two-step quick start guide. I had successfully returned my first base64 encoded speech audio, onward to the. Code Signing - Why should you sign PowerShell Scripts? Digitally signing your scripts assures users that the publisher's identity is verified, and it assures the publisher that their script has not been modified, either maliciously or unknowingly. So if it's such a good idea, why this such a huge stumbling block for beginners Ciao Ermanno, prima di tutto ti faccio i complimenti per il tuo Blog, volevo avere il tuo parere, ho creato uno script che effettua gli aggiornamenti ed installa anche i driver mancanti, magari puo' servire a qualcuno, ma ho un problema quando provo a scrivre un log su file non installa i driver, magari mi potresti aiutare ad ottimizzare questo script Analyzing CPU Usage With Powershell, WMI, and Excel. Posted on November 14, 2020. and tagged as; performance,; powershell; I recently needed to cobble together quick and dirty CPU monitoring to tackle an issue, and not being a huge fan of perfmon I decided to use PowerShell to pull the data and write it to a CSV file that I could analyze with PowerShell and Excel

Вадим Поданс в своем блоге описал один из методов,как сделать скриншот с помощью PowerShell,заметка - Делаем скриншоты средствами PowerShell. В его методе на скриншоте не захватывался курсор.На форуме был задан вопрос,как. Create a folder on the OS drive like c:\_tableau-shadow-database for a PowerShell script. Create a folder on the Data drive like e:\_tableau-shadow-database for managing the updates. Create PowerShell script. Create a c:\_tableau-shadow-database\tableau-shadow-database.ps1 file, and test each command in the script below until all commands work together. The script performs the following tasks. PowerShell - SharePointOnline - Queries the active site collections in O365 tenant to generate reports based on template type used by the site collectio Author Aleks Posted on September 5, 2017 September 5, 2017 Categories API, Code, Log4net, powershell Tags Log4net, powershell Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here.. In a case of me having to reinstall Windows from scratch I decided to have some sort of list of installed programs. Backing up the installers or executables felt like a weak way to do this though, so I let powershell grab the installed programs from the registry directly and let it compile into a csv file

This PowerShell-script will retrieve the backup jobs from the last 24 hours and send an email with a report of the results. - Changelog - 2016-05-29 (1.4) Corrected End Time in the mail-report. 2016-05-28 (1.3) Streamlined functions and removed unnecessary HTML/CSS. 2016-05-27 (1.2) Now compatible with multiple sources per backup job (Thanks Milan Thaker). 2016-05-19 (1.1) Corrected. Когда я пытаюсь разобрать строку в файле журнала IIS и вытаскиваю дату и время в строке, я получаю следующую ошибку Исключение, вызывающее «ParseExact» с аргументом (ами) «3»: «Строка не была распознана как допустимый DateTime» Office 365 Groups/Teams powershell reporting script 2019-03-25 [Powershell Script] Convert ImmutableID 2018-09-12; Script to Schedule Mem and or vCPU up/downgrade 2015-05-13; Backing up VMs in Hyper-V 2013-01-09; Windows Server 2012 as a Workstation 2012-09-1 Ich habe eine PowerShell geschrieben, die beim Ausführen als Erkennungsskript die Umgebungsvariablen, die das Erkennungsskript sieht, in einer Protokolldatei speichert. Dieses Skript steht am Ende dieser Antwort. Ich lasse dieses Skript dann vom SCCM-Client ausführen, indem ich einen Bereitstellungstyp mit unterschiedlichen Parametern Installationsverhalten und Anmeldeanforderung. As you know, in many scenarios I like to schedule NAV tasks by using Powershell instead of using the standard NAV Job Queue.. In many NAV implementations I have also some cases where I need to schedule different NAV long-running tasks that are totally independent from each others (for example, a tasks that updates a BI system, another that performs calculations in NAV and so on)

At work, I needed to dabble into Powershell Script. Basically, Powershell script is the replacement for DOS Prompt, which I know and used for years. This is a link to one of the many sites for learning Powershell script. I was given a script to use Powershell Script to connect to a Sharepoint Site t Below is the PowerShell script I came up with which uses v2 of the Graph API. A few notes: You will need to register an Azure app for use with this script. The app will need to be granted permissions to read tenant health info. I have not included instructions for registering the Azure app. A good starting point on how to do this can be found at the following URL: https://lazyadmin.nl/it/using. Es gibt ein weit verbreitetes Missverständnis darüber, wie Powershell-Funktionen Daten zurückgeben. Tatsächlich gibt es keinen einzigen Rückgabewert oder Objekt, wie Sie es von anderen Programmiersprachen gewohnt sind.Stattdessen gibt es einen Ausgabestream von Objekten.. Es gibt verschiedene Möglichkeiten, dem Ausgabestream Daten hinzuzufügen, z Now anyone on the machine with a PowerShell Session has access to the extensions. <?xml version= 1.0 encoding= utf-8?> <!--<# ***** This extension adds complex date manipulation functionality to [system.datetime] data types. Specifically 2 Methods are added. Each returns a [system.datetime] object with the requested value just like native methods such as AddYears or AddDays. Nothing wrong with the PowerShell version; this is a bug in the script. It was likely not tested in cultures other than en-US. The .NET framework has a bit of quirky behavior around conversion of DateTime to and from strings. If you cast the values, it always uses InvariantCulture (which is basically en-US, as far as dates and times are.

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Tunnel RDP using OpenSSH and PowerShell in Windows 10. Linux. Nginx: Redirect only root URL to another . Linux. Zabbix 5.0 Telegram: emoji by severity support ⚠️ . ELK stack. Đẩy log pm2 lên elasticsearch | Push pm2 logs to Elasticsearch. ELK stack; Bảo mật; SSL; ELK stack; Windows; Thủ thuật. Hosting - Domain; Máy tính, phần mềm; Ảo hóa; Docker/Container; Cloud. Powershell script to Stamp pictures with Date/Time 04 Dec 2019 on powershell. Quick tip: I hate having my pictures automatically named like IMG_0384.CR2, because during backups (moving around hard drives, cloud, etc) it happens that I lose the original date of the files. And although I group pictures in folders, it's still sometimes easy to. The scriptfile must be valid PowerShell code, however the original extension matters not. The file will be run as untrusted code, so it will fail in Constraiend Language Mode, unless you sign the provider script with a whitelisted publisher certificate The primary commands here are RUN WIN which uses the Windows run box to open a PowerShell session, and then use the tool RunAsTI64 to open a PowerShell session as TrustedInstaller.Windows Defender on the latest versions of Windows 10 cannot be disabled by a regular user or administrator. It can only be disabled by a user running with TrustedInstaller privileges Solution. This PowerShell-script will retrieve the backup jobs from the last 24 hours and send an email with a report of the results. - Changelog - 2016-05-29 (1.4) Corrected End Time in the mail-report. 2016-05-28 (1.3) Streamlined functions and removed unnecessary HTML/CSS. 2016-05-27 (1.2) Now compatible with multiple sources per backup job (Thanks Milan Thaker). 2016-05-19 (1.1.

Here's a small script to kill all Word or Excel-processes that have been running for more than 5 minutes. This can be useful on a server that launches those applications to generate documents Beschreibt ein Problem in Windows Server 2016, bei dem AD FS-Features fehlschlagen und ein Ereignis 180-Fehler ausgelöst wird. Bietet eine Skriptkorrektur Hi, May I know if anyone can advise is there a way to run PowerBi analytics with the audit log? Currently I need to export the CSV file manually and import into PowerBi to run analytics pattern. Would appreciate if anyone could do it

The Get-ExifDateTaken PowerShell Script Cmdlet - Chris

> Exchange, PowerShell > Microsoft Exchange - Set address book policy based on group membership Our Blog Office for Mac 2016 activation problem DocX - Add image to Microsoft Word document programmaticall This is the PS code to silently install the VLC Player. I have also added event and local logging, just as demonstrated logging segments. * if you have trouble with the backtick being recognized as multi-line, just delete it and join the subsequent line It is possible to use the following MS-Powershell script to truncate the log file using the command: powershell -ExecutionPolicy ByPass -File c:\tools\cut.ps1 <your log file location> Where cut.ps1 is the PowerShell script below (also attached). Example: powershell -ExecutionPolicy ByPass -File c:\tools\cut.ps1 asbroker1.server.lo Powershell; Windows Server 2008; 4 Comments. 2 Solutions. 5,177 Views. Last Modified: 2013-05-24. Hi, I have a snippet of a reboot script below - It will force a shutdown on a list of servers, pause for 90 seconds, then check to ensure that the servers are up. Now I can foresee condition where the system hangs at reboot, yet passes the availability check. I can think of a few ways to avoid.

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