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  1. Example 3: Set the Remote Desktop license configuration in PerDevice mode. PowerShell. PS C:\> Set-RDLicenseConfiguration -Mode PerDevice -ConnectionBroker Rdcb.Contoso.com. This command sets the Remote Desktop license configuration in PerDevice mode for the RD Connection Broker server named Rdcb.Contoso.com
  2. RDS Licensing Server (Optional) Login to DEV-RDS01 to enable RDS Licensing Role. Add-WindowsFeature -Name RDS-Licensing, RDS-Licensing-UI Change the RDS License Mode to Per User Mode, and point local RDS Server to local Licensing Server
  3. finding RDS Licensing servers using Powershell # one of the following: Get-ADObject -LDAPFilter (&(CN=TermServLicensing)(objectClass=serviceConnectionPoint)) Get-ADObject -Filter {objectClass -eq 'serviceConnectionPoint' -and Name -eq 'TermServLicensing'
  4. istrator options. The name of the RDS PowerShell module is remotedesktop . To view all the RDS cmdlets I use the command below. Get-Command -Module remotedesktop
  5. istration: TCP 443 : Kommunikation mit dem MS Clearinghouse (optional: kann beim Aktivieren
unable to connect to the server by using windowsStep by Step instructions for installing RDS Session

As far as I know, we can use PowerShell cmdlets to find licensing server in a RDS deployment. Get-RDLicenseConfiguration https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/jj215500.aspx. Get-RDServer https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/jj215504.aspx. Best Regards, Am

active directory configurationNamingContext find license server powershell role terminal server TS-Enterprise-License-Server windows Post navigation Previous Post Debian: Setup owncloud with TLS (LetsEncrypt) and protected by AppArmor Next Post Windows 10: Powershell Script to protect your privac I was able to install the RDS License Server Windows Feature via Powershell Add-WindowsFeature RDS-Licensing, Add-WindowsFeature RDS-Licensing-UI however the Server then needs to be Activated with Microsoft but the only way I've been able to Activate the Server is using the Active Server Wizard A Remote Desktop Session Host (RD Session Host) server must be able to contact a Remote Desktop license server to request Remote Desktop Services client access licenses (RDS CALs) for users or computing devices that are connecting to the RD Session Host server You can set the license type and specify the name of the license server from the Server Manager GUI, using PowerShell or GPO. To change the name/address of the licensing server on the RDS host, open Server Manager -> Remote Desktop Services -> Collections. In the upper right menu Tasks select Edit Deployment Properties Remote Desktop Services will stop working in xx days. On the RD Connection Broker server, use Server Manager to specify the Remote Desktop licensing mode and the license server. Windows Server 2008 R2 doesn't have this problem because is a Remote Desktop Session Host Configuration console is included during the install of the RDS services

After all roles are installed, the RDCBWA.spike.com server is restarted: Once the PowerShell setup finishes, we now go to RDCBWA.spike.com and verify the installation. As you can see from the screenshot below, everything except the RD Gateway and Licensing server have been installed. We will now add another session host and a Licensing server The component that requires licensing is RemoteFX, demonstrated by the RemoteFX Session Licensing service that is enabled with RemoteFX: To configure the licensing mode and add a licensing server, you can use the Remote Desktop Services Provider for PowerShell Works fine on a 2008 RDS lic server, I can't figure out as the env paths are identical on 2016 Ryan Campbell April 28, 2017 at 5:46 pm This must be a bug in RDS 2016?

Use the specified Remote Desktop license servers - enable the policy and specify the RDS license server address. If the license server is running on the same server, type; Set the Remote Desktop licensing mode - select the licensing mode. In our case, it is Per User

When you go to Server Manager > Tools > Remote Desktop Services > Remote Desktop Licensing Manger - that should point to the RDS licensing server in the network, or - give you the option to Connect > Connect to License Server - and enter in the licensing server. When we do that, it puts it into the main window, gives it a green checkmark, and the Discovery Scope is forest. Exactly as it should look. But as soon as we close out of Server Manager and go back in, it's gone Configuring the Licensing Mode above. In the 'Deployment properties' applet, click on the 'RD Licensing' page. In the text box specify the Licensing server name with complete FQDN and then click Add. Choose the appropriate Licensing mode 'Per device' or 'Per User' Get RDS licenses issued to all trusted domains. This script will get the RDS licenses issued from the local computer that have been issued to all Trusted domains. The variables on lines 1 through 12 needs to be modified to fit your environment.The below snippet generates the new report

Установка и активация сервера лицензирования RDS на

Deploy Windows 2016 RDS with PowerShell - AventisTec

Find the RDS Licensing servers in your domain - Dimitri's

How to Manage Remote Desktop Services (RDS) with PowerShel

In most Remote Desktop/Terminal Server licensing situations I have worked with, this information is stored against the user object in Active Directory. So getting this info out is a matter of knowing either the right LDAP filter or properties to query. I've got a JScript-based report that I run to pull this information out, using cscript.exe, but the principals should be the same in Powershell. Rollen auf einem oder mehreren Servern. Die PowerShell-Cmdlets kennen das Schnellstart-Konzept nicht, aber es lässt sich ohne weiteres umsetzen, indem man den Parametern für die drei Rollen immer den gleichen Server mitgibt. Die Sammlung und die RemoteApp, die der Assistent im Server Manager zusätzlich konfiguriert, müsste man durch eigene Befehle hinzufügen. RemoteDesktop-Modul laden. D

Following 2 GPOs should be configured for licensing server and license type for RDS. Apply policy: Computer configuration>Windows component>Remote Desktop Services>Remote Desktop Session host>Licensing 1. Use the specified Remote Desktop License Server 2. Set the remote Desktop Licensing mode Also, perform below steps to configure RDSH server: Install Remote Desktop Licensing. 1) In Server. Licensing mode for the Remote Desktop Session Host is not configured. The Remote Desktop Session Host server is within its grace period, but the Session Host server has not been configured with any license server. It means that the administrator do not specify the RDS Licensing Server and/or the licensing mode. It should be done even after.

Reset Terminal Services Licensing Grace Period to 120 DaysWe often need to deploy Terminal Server (Remote Desktop Session Host in 2012) for testing purposes in development environments allowing more than 2 concurrent Remote Desktop Sessions on it.When it is installed, by default it is in default Grace licensing period which is 120 days and it works fine All Remote Desktop Services events logs in a single pane? Every RDS event from machine A and B that has written an event in last 10 minutes? Listen to events from RDS event logs in real time from all RDS related servers in your deployment? Jason Gilbertson, a Technical Advisor at Microsoft who works closely with the RDS Product team wrote a single PowerShell that does all of the above, and. Here is how to properly deploy RDS in a workgroup. I am going to use PowerShell to make this quick and easy. This guide is applicable for Windows 2012 and higher in a single server workgroup environment. Launch a Windows PowerShell using the Run as Administrator option. Run the following command to install the RDS components that are required. (This will automatically restart the server. With Windows Server 2012, we have over 2400 cmdlets available! That is a huge number! In this article, we will take a look at how PowerShell is integrated with Remote Desktop Services in Windows Server 2012. We will dive into PowerShell commands for both RDS scenarios that are available with Windows Server 2012. That is, the Virtual machine. But these are mostly for analyzing licensing and configurering the license server itself. It's also possible to do this using powershell: Install-WindowsFeature -Name RDS-Licensing Install-WindowsFeature -Name RDS-RD-Server -Restart. Great, now lets configure the service using Server manager

# Import the RDS PowerShell module Import-Module RemoteDesktopServices # Navigate to the RDS Provider for Windows PowerShell Set-Location RDS: # Navigate to the RD License Server configuration cd RDS:\LicenseServer\Configuration # Config required info fields for the activation process Set-Item -Path .\FirstName -Value Test Set-Item -Path .\LastName -Value User Set-Item -Path .\Company. You have an RDS licensing and management server you have several Session Host servers as part of your deployment. At some point one of those servers died and was henceforth removed from the domain. It's gone, never to return. You to manage Remote Desktop Services licensing and are told that a bunch of servers are missing from the management pool. Something along these lines: 1 2. This was a simple setup on one server with the: connection broker, Session Host and Licensing server with 2012 R2 CAL's installed. Even though the licensing seems to be configured correctly, in server manager: and PowerShell: Licensing diagnostics: everywhere you look, everything seems to be OK. But the license manager shows something odd Next we need to install our RDS licenses. From the server manager select Tools then 'Remote desktop services' then click 'Remote Desktop Licensing Manager'. First thing we do in the licensing manager is right click the server node and click 'Activate Server'. Click Next on the wizard. Select 'Automatic Connection' and press Next

If you need to move your existing RD CALs (Remote Desktop Services Client Access Licenses) to a new server for some reason, either the old one crashes or you just installed a new box and you want to use it as a RD licensing server, well it could not be more easier with server 2008 R2. Right now I'm going to show you how to do this with the source server (the one with the CALs already. Number of licenses available for clients, License Server, Connectivity is available I am therefore hunting for ways to report on the above using Powershell. I have already found other EE answers which pointed me towards gathering the license type, License server details etc, however I cant find a way to report on the connectivity 2. By Removing the RDS CAL database file. To do this, stop the Remote Desktop Licensing service from the Windows Services section. Rename the file C:\Windows\System32\lserver\TLSLic.edb to C:\Windows\System32\lserver\TLSLic.edb_bak and start the remote desktop service again. That will delete all the RDS CAL licenses in the server and we need to reactivate them for further usage Set the Value data 2 for Per Device RDS licensing mode; Set the Value data 4 for Per User RDS licensing mode; Step (4): Finally, click on the OK button to save the changes. Now, restart your computer and check if the Remote Desktop licensing mode is not configured issue on Windows Server has been resolved or not Server is running on 2012 R2 up-to-date; Current user is a member of group Administrators (lusrmgr.msc -> groups) PowerShell is configured to receive remote queries (Enable-PSRemoting) Remote Desktop Services are not forbidden in GPOs (default policies) Remote management is enabled in Server Manager (servermanager -> local server.

If you select the The source license server is no longer functioning option, accept the agreement not to use your source license server as RD License server and agree to manually remove the RDS CALs from your original RD License server. Click on Next. Follow steps 11 to 16 from the How to do it section of the previous recipe to install the. Powershell Execute the following command in an elevated window. (Invoke-WmiMethod -PATH (gwmi -namespace root\cimv2\terminalservices -class win32_terminalservicesetting).__PATH -name GetGracePeriodDays).dayslef So I used PowerShell and PsExec to precisely target all my XenApp servers I wanted to change. It's a very quick option when you are pressed for time. You'll need to create rds.bat and rds.ps1 and put them in d:\rdsscript on the server you plan to run the Powershell script from Add secondary server. For this tutorial, we are going to use the Domain Server as our RD Licensing server, but to easily install that role, we can add an additional server to the Server Manager.. 1. Add the secondary server by right-clicking on the All Servers, choosing Add Servers, and then picking the server from Active Directory.. 2. Navigate to Remote Desktop Services and click on the. Once you have activated the Licence server, you can than add the licences. Please see the following links for further reading: Deploying Remote Desktop Licensing Step-by-Step Guide. Configuring RDS Licensing Server High Availability Managing RDS licensing using PowerShell on Windows Server 201

If there is only one user, then additional RDS (Remote Desktop Service) licenses are not required. If multiple users need to connect to the server simultaneously, each user needs a Remote Desktop Server Client Access License (RDS CAL) added to the license manager, with the session host configured to use that license manager. Note: If this is not done, the RDS will go into Evaluation Mode. Windows Server 2008 R2 (9) Windows Server 2012 (4) Windows Server 2016 (3) Windows Server 8 Beta (2) winrm (1) Winter Scripting Games 2014 (4) wmi (10) wordpress (1) wsus (2) XenDesktop (5) AD PowerShell Quick Reference Guide. Monitor Citrix License Usage With PowerShell. WMI in Windows Server is a treasure trove of information and well worth investigating, particularly when needing to run. Remove An Individual RDS CAL License Pack Using Powershell (User or Device CAL) Open PowerShell elevated as an administrator Type the following command to list the RDS Licenses to find the KeyPackID Run the below command to remove the licenses pack from your RD Server Where X is the value of KeyPackId P.S: Please be aware, you will [

Run the following command to install Active Directory Powershell Module. Install-WindowsFeature RSAT-AD-PowerShell The script you can download from here. Of course you can find this feature How the Powershell Script run. After apply all the prerequisites you can run the script and take the License Status of your Windows Servers If you do not have an RDS license server or Microsoft CALs, the use of the Remote Desktop Connection is limited to 120 days. It's called the grace period or time bomb delay. In this procedure, we will see how to reset the 120-day RDS Time Bomb for Windows Server, without rebooting the machine. First, launch PowerShell as Administrator. Then, open the Windows registry using the regedit. To enable RDP remotely, you need to configure and run the WinRM service (Windows Remote Management) on the remote computer. The WinRM service is enabled by default in all versions of Windows Server starting with Windows Server 2012. However, WinRM is disabled by default in client operating systems such as Windows 10. Thus, to enable Remote Desktop remotely via PowerShell, the remote computer.

Reset Terminal Server (RDS) Grace Period using PowerShell Reset Terminal Services Licensing Grace Period to 120 Days . We often need to deploy Terminal Server (Remote Desktop Session Host in 2012) for testing purposes in development environments allowing more than 2 concurrent Remote Desktop Sessions on it. When it is installed, by default it is in default Grace licensing period which is 120. Once you have an Remote Desktop Services [RDS] environment setup and want to continue using it past the 120 day trial period you will need to setup the RD Licensing role. This blog post will document how to setup the role, activate the license server with Microsoft, add a license key, then configure RDS with the license

Installation und Aktivierung der RDS-Lizenzserver unter

To use the script, simply save to your RDS server and run in an elevated PowerShell prompt. The script is interactive and will tell you how many days are left (very handy as you can look it up extremely quickly this way) and lets you choose if you want to reset the time or not. ## This Script is intended to be used for Querying remaining time and resetting Terminal Server (RDS) Grace Licensing. So, I have a new project coming up where I will be required to manage, maintain, and support an RDS Deployment for a local engineering firm. And after working with some of the brightest PowerShell experts in the world on the Master PowerShell Tricks series I decided to cut ties to the GUI and build it 100 % using PowerShell This blog article will guide you through the steps of setting up Remote Desktop Licensing or Terminal Services Licensing as it's known in previous versions of Windows Server. You've decided to move from Windows 2003 R2 to 2008 R2 domain controllers and you want to run your terminal services licensing on the new domain controllers. You can run the licensing for all your terminal servers. Connecting to a remote host with PowerShell. PowerShell comes with a utility called PowerShell Remoting. This allows us to connect to remote servers which have PowerShell Remoting enabled. Windows Server 2012 R2 and above have PowerShell Remoting enabled by default, but if we need to enable this manually we can run the following command on the. Post Deployment RDS Powershell Script On the license server (The first RD Connection Broker), open the Remote Desktop Licensing Manager. Right-click the license server, and then click Install licenses. Click Next on the welcome page. Select the program you purchased your RDS CALs from, and then click Next. If you are a service provider, select Service Provider License Agreement. Enter the.

How to get all the RDS license servers in the domain

As we are on the server were we want to install RDS Licensing click NEXT. In the next screen scroll down to Remote Desktop Services and place a checkmark left to it. Click NEXT. In the next screen leave everything untouched. Click NEXT. NEXT. Now place a checkmark left to Remote Desktop Services Licensing. Click Add features in the opening window. In the next screen click NEXT. Everything we. In a environment running Windows2008 RDS servers it is quite easy to determine the total TS User CALs in use.By the way we focus on user CALs, more information regarding User CALs versus device CALs can be found here. Just fire up the 'TS Licensing Manager console' and right click on the license server. In the left pane. Click 'create report and 'per user CAL Usage' In the left pane. Threw this into PowerShell to make this a little quicker for me, and now for you. I just want a stand-alone Session Host running a private RDS License Server on a workgroup - not a full scale deployment on an AD domain. I had tried installing just the two features, but had no way to directly configure the roles and continued to the 120 day notice for not having a configured my RDP Session. Hi, I am trying to manage the RD licensing server via Powershell and found your post (very interesting BTW), but I have a problem, hope you can help me out. I have the following WS2012 infrastructure: 1 virtual machine running as DC 1 virtual machine with RD connection broker / RD web acces / RD licensing server roles 1 virtual machine with the RD session host role. If I connect to the RD. In PowerShell, we can find operating system details in different ways, but to be safe we can use the WMI based cmdlet Get-WmiObject, this command is compatible from Windows PowerShell 2.0. Using this command we can query the WMI class Win32_OperatingSystem to get os version number

Windows: Find all Terminal/Remote Desktop Server Licenseserve

Let's consider that we have 2 RDS Licensing servers (RDS1 and RDS2). And that you have 2 DCs (DC1 - DC2) DC1 is used RDS1 and DC2 is used RDS2. In case of having a 100 of servers it's difficult to check what RDS Licensing used by each one . So !! The script here is solving this by checking all the servers in your environment and give you back what RDS Licensing server is used by each. If the license server that you want to add is not listed, in the License server name or IP address box, type the name or IP address of the license server that you want to add, and then click Add. You can add more than one license server for the RD Session Host server to use. The RD Session Host server contacts the license servers in the order. First we need to add a RD licensing server role because this is the first Windows Server 2012 RDSH in the environment. So far so good. Second we need to activate the license server, this succeeded too. Next we need to assign the license server to the RDSH server and make sure the right licensing mode is used (we use PerUser licensing). This is where the problems arise. Microsoft assumes you. Powershell. Die SpecifiedLSLIst darf anschließend nicht leer sein sondern sollte den FQDN des Lizenzservers enthalten. b) Setzen des Lizenzierungsmodus in der Registry. Start -> Ausführen -> RegEdit //RegistryEditor Starten; Zum Pfad HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Terminal Server\RCM\Licensing Core navigieren

licensing - Activate a Remote Desktop License Server

The Remote Desktop Session Host server is within its grace period, but the RD Session Host server has not been configured with any license server. Although I have set GPO to specify the Remote Desktop Session Host server and the licensing mode for the Remote Desktop Session Host server I had to manually do these changes on the license server itself using PowerShell Go to License server and open RDS License Console. Right click license server and click Review configuration. Click add to group. Repeat on any additional license servers (I split 50:50 between my session hosts) Preparing for the RDS Broker HA Configuration. First we need to create the user profile disk folder on a server and share. On a file server create a folder for RDS profiles and share. For example, a Windows Server 2016 RDS license server can host licenses from all previous versions of RDS, while a Windows Server 2012 R2 RDS license server can only host licenses up to Windows Server 2012 R2. However, upwards compatibility is possible if Software Assurance is purchased for the RDS CAL licenses. In that case, you can just upgrade to the latest available version. If Software. Summary When attempting to revoke a RDS license the option is greyed out. Issue When attempting to revoke a named license the option is greyed out The official Microsoft response to this is: RDS Per User CALs are not enforced by RD Licensing. As a result, client connections can occur regardless of the number o Open Server Manager. To open Server Manager, click Start, point to Administrative Tools, and then click Server Manager.. In the left pane, expand Roles.. Right-click Remote Desktop Services, and then click Remove Role Services.. On the Select Role Services page, clear the Remote Desktop Licensing check box, and then click Next.. On the Confirm Removal Selections page, click Remove

Specify a License Server for an RD Session Host Server to Us

See the provided links for SQL Server silent install details. The installer is tested with SQL Servers 2016-2019 and PowerShell 3-7. Prerequisites. Windows OS; Administrative rights; MS SQL Server ISO image [optional] Usage. The fastest way to install core SQL Server is to run in administrative shell without any parameters In Windows Server 2012R2/2016/2019, you can use the graphical Server Manager console to install and remove server roles and features. However, in most cases you can do the same from the PowerShell console much faster. In this post we'll cover how to manage roles and features in the modern Window. Remove a Remote Desktop Server from a deployment. 1. Launch a PowerShell window as administrator 2. Run: Remove-RDServer -Server RDS.mydomain.com -Role RDS-Licensing 3. Run: Remove-WindowsFeature RDS-Licensin

How to Install and Activate the RDS Licensing Role on

By default, PowerShell uses the following TCP ports communication: 5985 (or 80) for HTTP; 5986 (or 443) for HTTPS. Simulating a remote PowerShell session. You may attempt to manually simulate a remote PowerShell session in order to connect to your target server in the same way this is done by the software. This will help you verify whether the. If you don't have Remote Desktop Services Client Access Licenses (RDS CALs), your users will not be able to connect to a remote desktop session host server, after the initial grace period of 120-days expires. To install Remote Desktop CALs, you first need to install a Remote Desktop License Server. This is a role service of the Remote Desktop Services role on Server 2008 R2 Monitor web server uptime with a PowerShell script - Tue, One of the annoyances of dealing with commercial software is the licensing. Although software vendors should get paid for their work, it's always been a necessary evil in the IT world. Windows is no different. Anyone who's installed Windows before knows about the product key. It's that long string of characters separated by dashes. Windows Server 2019 integriert den HTML5-Client für RDP dagegen in RD Web Access, so dass er sich auch in Umgebungen nutzen lässt, die kein Gateway benötigen. Fortschritte für das Benutzererlebnis . Aus Sicht der Benutzer kommen noch weitere Neuerungen hinzu. So erhalten sie künftig Fortschritts­meldungen für Druck­aufträge. Diese sollen User davon abhalten, Print-Jobs mehrfach.

How to define a Remote Desktop Services License server for

Software Licensing management tool (SLMGR) is used for KMS licensing using scripts or configuring Server core installations. The Powershell Command slmgr -ipk installs Product Keys (i)install(PK)product key, if you would like to Uninstall a product use (u) instead of (i) this will work with MAK and KMS product keys To deploy the RDS farm, I use only PowerShell. In this way I can reproduce the deployment for other customers. First of all, I run a Remote Desktop deployment to configure a RD Web Access, a RD Broker and a RD Host Server: New-RDSessionDeployment -ConnectionBroker RDS-BRK-01.SeromIT.local ` -SessionHost RDS-DKP-01.SeromIT.local ` -WebAccessServer RDS-WEB-01.SeromIT.local Then I run a. To disable RDP RDP with the PowerShell, use the following steps. Launch PowerShell as Administrator. Create a PS Session with the desired target computer. Type the following command once possession is established: 1. Set-ItemProperty-Path HKLM:\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\Terminal Server-Name fDenyTSConnections - Value 1 . Method 3: Use Group Policy. If you have numerous Servers and.

Install RDS CALs On Windows Server

Step by Step instructions for installing RDS Session

Newer versions of PowerShell can be installed by downloading and installing Windows Management Framework (WMF). PowerShell versions PowerShell 1.0: Released in 2006 for Windows XP SP2, 2003 and Vista. It is an optional component for Windows 2008 Server. PowerShell 2.0: Available with Windows 7, 2008 R2 and released for XP SP3, 2003 Sp2 and Vist Perform the following steps to install the RDS role on a server running Windows Server Core.. 1. Type Start PowerShell in the Command Prompt window to start Windows PowerShell.. 2. Type Install-WindowsFeature Remote-Desktop-Services and press Enter to install the RDS role.. Additional Information: This information applies to Windows Server 2012 and Windows Server 2012 R2 Unter Remote Desktop Services wählen und installieren Sie die Rollen Remote Desktop Licensing und Remote Desktop Session Host Fügen Sie den Lizenz-Server zur Terminal Server License Server-Gruppe hinzu und starten Sie den Remote Desktop Service neu How to fix RDS 2012r2 error: Licensing mode for the Remote Desktop Session Host is not configured. Remote Desktop Session Host (RD Session Host) enables a server to host RemoteApp programs or session-based desktops. Users can connect to RD Session Host servers in a session collection to run programs, save files, and use resources on those. Mit Windows 2012 (R2) ist es nicht mehr möglich über den Server Manager den gewünschten Terminal Lizenz Server auszuwählen. Dies geschieht entweder automatisch über die AD Gruppe (Terminalserver-Lizenzserver) - hier wird der erste Verfügbare Lizenzserver genutzt, oder man steuert die Lizenzserver Zuordnung selbst via GPO, was ich persönlich auch so bevorzuge

RDS 2016 – Preview HTML5 RDP Client for Remote DesktopDetermine available RDS user CALs – 360ICT – Technical Blog

The RD Licensing grace period has expired and the service has not registered with a license server with installed licenses. A RD Licensing server is required for continuous operation. A Remote Desktop Session Host server can operate without a license server for 120 days after initial start up. The official solution is to Activate the RDS/TS CAL License server and point the Server to License. License Info Contact Owners; Report AWS. Tools. RDS The RDS module of AWS Tools for PowerShell lets developers and administrators manage Amazon Relational Database Service from the PowerShell scripting environment. In order to manage each AWS service, install the corresponding module (e.g. AWS.Tools.EC2, AWS.Tools.S3...). The module AWS.Tools.Installer (https://www.powershellgallery. Remember that, in addition to the above, if you're executing remote commands on a server (or workstation) you need to have admin rights on that remote system, as well as your local system where you will be opening the PS session as an administrative one. If your account on the local machine is not an admin on the remote one, you will have to provide the explicit credentials for an account. You will need to configure the licensing mode in registry even if you have already set the licensing mode in the RDS Deployment: Open the registry and go to: HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Terminal Server\RCM\Licensing Core\LicensingMod

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